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Horseracing: A Beginner’s Guide

Horseracing is a sport that is simple enough to understand. A jockey races their horse against others in attempts of winning. However, like most things, there is more to it….

Beginner Racing Fan Mistakes

Horse racing is one of the biggest and certainly most popular sporting events around the world, and it comes with an extremely healthy betting scene too as the thousands of….

Cheltenham Festival Extravaganza

Beginning on Tuesday 16th of March, this is a highlight of the racing calendar. It’s an extravaganza and true test of the agility and strength of the competing horses. It….

What Makes A Good Racehorse?

Many punters and horse race watchers take pride in their ability to pick out a winning racehorse just by looking at how it behaves during the prerace parade. For the….

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is arguably Australia’s most important horse racing event, and of course emanating from that is the rich history developed since the first ever race took place, in….

Betting on the Right Horse

Betting on horse racing is something that many people love to do all over the world. The sport itself has long been associated with gambling, and whether you are trackside….