Beginner Racing Fan Mistakes

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Horse racing is one of the biggest and certainly most popular sporting events around the world, and it comes with an extremely healthy betting scene too as the thousands of races that take place per year attract a huge number of viewers and punters at the same time. It has become an exciting option for a growing audience over the past eighteen months too as many newcomers have been introduced to the world of horse racing and taken advantage of their promo code to bet on bet365. There are a lot of mistakes beginners make when trying wager on horse racing at first and avoiding these could certainly make your early experience much more enjoyable.

Following the heavy favourites – Whilst it’s always a safe bet to follow the big favourites as they’re the frontrunners for a reason but may not always be the best option for betting either. Whilst you may win more often, the pay-out is typically very small with only getting your initial stake and a little on top, it also means you’re placing all of your eggs in one basket and if there are any upsets with underdog racers coming through and clinching the win, which isn’t all that uncommon, then you may find yourself falling into a loss streak as it becomes harder to bet on the big favourites.

Not following the jockeys – Whilst the horses certainly are the most important part of horse racing, there are plenty of jockeys who have had an illustrious career too and may have been just as impactful at guiding some of these wins forward. The most experienced punters will look at information from all available sources from the trainer, training location, jockey and more, but as a beginner simply looking to jockeys and find the best combinations between horses and riders could certainly help set your betting apart and help you find more wins too.

Don’t make emotional bets – Whilst this goes for any sporting event, not just horse racing, but often with a large number of races to bet on close together it is a recipe for emotions to become a problem if a few losses string themselves together. Keep a clear head and make sure that if you’re going to bet on the next race it isn’t coming from a place of emotion after a few big losses and help keep your edge by betting smart.

There are many other tips to keep an eye out for too when starting out, but the most important thing is to simply enjoy yourself and not get too caught up in the best way to approach things and to do it as comfortably as possible – whilst you may ultimately want to win, the first step is to enjoy the races.