Tips for Betting and Watching Races Online

Years ago, the only way to bet on horse racing was to actually be there at the track. That system worked well for over a century, but as society become more mobile (and busier) things started to change. First with off-track betting, then full card simulcasting, then phone betting and eventually where we are at today with online and mobile betting.

Wagering on horse racing is now easier than ever, as it is literally at your fingertips and in your pocket with your smartphone. It’s also quite easy to find betting tips, and it’s also easier than ever to watch race replays, even from smaller tracks, which was a common problem years ago because it was difficult or impossible to get access to some race replays.

One of the most tried and true ways to win at the races is to look for hidden trouble that might have been missed by the chartcaller. If a horse’s past performances say something like “checked sharply, bumped and then full of run,” well then that’s not really going to help you much because everyone is going to see that.

The key is to look for hidden trouble. Maybe it doesn’t rise to the level of being significant enough to warrant a note in the chart, but watch replays closely to look for horses whose chances were compromised if they were pinned down along the rail or shuffled back around one of the turns. Even minor trouble that only results in the loss of a couple of lengths can be the difference between a horse hitting the board and finishing near the back of the pack, and those are the trips you need to look for to cash in on big odds the next time they race.

It certainly does take some time to watch replays, including from multiple angles, but that time investment can really pay off when you cash in on a big price that everyone else missed!