The Saudi Cup and How It Came Into Being the Biggest Purse for Competitive Jockeys

It’s no kept secret that the world of horse racing is one of the most significant gambling events hosted worldwide. With that being said, the latest addition to the long list of prestigious events has been the Saudi Arabia Cup, a million dollar event offering the highest purse in the world.

Horseracing isn’t an event to be taken lightly, especially since the purse that is up for grabs isn’t limited to the jockeys or horse masters of the thoroughbreds, it extends to online betting where sites like take precedence over thousands of bettors all wagering on the magnificent beasts on the course.

So How did this new event come into place and what are the stakes? Let’s look into the elite world of the richest and most famed horseracing events of the world.

The Purse

The race that many are anticipating in 2020 will have a purse win of $20 million, one of the largest and especially noteworthy as it will be the first time the races will be held on this racecourse. The newly developed racetrack is breathtakingly magnificent and with the backdrop of the desert, temperatures are bound to rise an all time high. But how will this affect the thoroughbreds? Only time will tell as the race is set and contesters are in attendance for the win.

Out With the Old and In With the New

The Dubai Cup took the lead with the hefty purse which scooped in an impressive $5 million purse, or just close enough but this only took place in 2016. Thereafter it was the Pegasus World Cup, held in Florida, America, it was considered to be the most elite of horse races as celebs from around the world were in attendance. However, this wasn’t what made the event so prestigious, rather, it was the $12 million dollar purse that all coveted. The same cup was the one to expand their reach by attracting more with a newfound $16 million dollar purse which eventually dropped to spread over the year of 2019, our year.

The Prince of Saudi Arabia on the Horseracing Event

The press and media attention is gaining Saudi Arabia much needed attention. As this is one of the most prestigious and elite events of the world, especially in races, there is no doubt the price of Saudi is feeling rather elated with the attention the races have already garnered.

The Prince himself has already welcomed racers, jockeys and the attention of media saying that this upcoming event is most welcomed to him and his royalty and that he does indeed look forward to the upcoming event in 2020, no doubt.

Now it’s just a question of who will be in attendance and if this event will remain on. If the Saudi Arabia Cup does prove successful, there is every possibility that this horseracing event will be and remain one of the most prestigious events around the world.