How the UK’s Online Horse Racing Betting model is set to spread in the US

Betting on horse racing is a popular pastime for gamblers and thrill-seekers worldwide. It’s been commonplace for hundreds of years. In the modern world, it’s grown to accommodate online betting. BetWay, 888Sport, NetBet, etc are just a few of the most popular horse racing betting sites in the UK. Read more on

There have always been several differences between betting on horse racing on each side of the Atlantic. The UK holds onto a number of traditions that aren’t present in US Horse Racing betting. However, with the advent of online betting, traditional national barriers break down. Many aspects of the UK horse racing betting model are spreading throughout the US. This is an exciting time for many fans and a daunting change for others.

The Differences between UK and US Online Horse Racing Betting

Newer or less experienced gamblers may not be aware of all the differences between the two, even though they can make and break a race entirely. Some of the most prestigious horse races in the world, such as the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, the Irish Derby, the Epsom Derby and the Grand National, take place in Europe. To bring the star power of the champions of these events to the States, American races have to conform to European norms.

Differences in Racing

In Europe, horse races are held exclusively on grass. While a few tracks are made from artificial materials in order to allow all-weather races, the majority of them are set on turf. By contrast, US races are held mainly on dirt tracks. More US tracks are also made with artificial materials such as fibresand or polytrack. Tracks made of artificial materials are safer than natural ones but less suitable for the horses themselves. Thus, the biggest events in the US – the Breeder’s Cup and the Kentucky Derby, are both held on dirt tracks.

Most horses are completely incapable of racing on one of these two. The exact reasons remain unclear and involve a number of factors such as breed and hoof shape. So, most European racehorses can only race on grass. US Horse Racing organizations are now building grass tracks so the top UK and European horses can compete here.

Other differences include length, track direction, horse breeds, and betting.

Betting in UK Races versus US Races

In the UK, betting on Horse Races is still done through either a traditional bookmaker, or online betting exchanges such as Betfair or BETDAQ. Many individual bookmakers are also online, though a few retain a physical presence. Both bookmakers and betting exchanges will let you look around and select a particular horse. The odds for that horse will be laid out in advance.

In contrast, in the US you can only place your bet on the overall betting pool for the race, following the Parimutuel system. The amount of money you earn depends on how much all the participants bet altogether. This means your winnings can vary a lot. In order to win big, you must make multiple complicated bets rather than sharing the same bet with many other people.

For High Stakes Gamblers and Bookmakers

High stakes gamblers tend to find the UK system more appealing since they can win larger sums of money. In the US, betting organizations only take a small cut from the total pool, while in the UK, the bookmaker or betting organization keeps the money. Since they know the total volume of money flowing through the gambling system and how much is being bet on each horse, they can turn it to their advantage. By setting the odds at certain values, they can reduce their losses and make as much profit as possible.

Due to this, UK gambling is more exciting and lucrative for both high-stakes gamblers and bookmakers, even though it may be harder for an average person to win. Due to easy access from the internet, many US players are excitedly turning to the UK’s online horse racing betting system in pursuit of higher thrills and profits.