Horse Racing Show to Debut on KCLW Radio in Texas

The silks of Mojo Racing Partners

Fred Taylor of Mojo Racing Partners is launching a horse racing radio show called “The Starting Gate” that will air on KCLW (900 AM) in Hamilton, Texas. The bi-weekly radio program will be dedicated to providing listeners with unique perspectives about the horse racing ownership experience.

Starting November 2, Mojo will produce shows that will be on the air the first and third Saturdays of each month. Links to each broadcast will be available on the Mojo Racing Partners website, and the shows will eventually be converted to podcasts.

The Starting Gate, hosted by Taylor, will take listeners out to the farms, sales companies and racetracks to introduce these perspectives. Every fourth show will feature an interview with “the experts” who breed, sell, train and come up with the strategies for horse racing success.

“Public interest in our beloved sport is waning, and I’ve created The Starting Gate to help introduce new people to the thrills of ownership with the hope they will become passionate about horse racing and possibly future participants/clients,” said Taylor about the program. “My overall goal is to give our listeners the opportunity to experience the less publicized, but more-intriguing, areas of our fantastic sport that only owners typically see and do.”

For more information, visit The Starting Gate page of the Mojo Racing Partners website.