ThoroBid Launches Next-Generation Communication, Analytical and Professional Services Platform for the Racing Industry

In the “Sport of Kings,” tradition has reigned for centuries. As long as Thoroughbreds have lined up to race, owners, bettors and fans have debated which horse is the fastest in an effort to obtain bragging rights and, ultimately, financial rewards.

Today, these traditional aspects of horse racing have been combined with the benefits of modern technology to create ThoroBid, a groundbreaking, open technology platform that is being launched online at With elements of professional social networking, the development of state-of-the-art analytical tools and the power of proprietary communication and collaboration devices, ThoroBid will offer all members of the Thoroughbred industry access to virtual professional communities, information services and marketplaces.

To start, ThoroBid has created the first social handicapping tool for the benefit of the largest sector of the sport: the 15 million people that make up the U.S. Thoroughbred racing fan base.

ThoroBid’s proprietary analytics and unprecedented use of crowdsourcing allow horseplayers of all skill levels — from novices to professionals — to make well-informed handicapping decisions by helping individuals identify the optimal wagering opportunities to match their own personal desires for risk, volatility and reward. The user-centric, interactive website is the first of its kind to connect handicappers, fans and industry experts in a fun, mutually beneficial community that harnesses the tremendous potential of user-generated data and an industry-wide platform.

“Simply put, ThoroBid could not have existed 10 years ago,” said ThoroBid’s co-founder and CEO Anthony Lage, a Kentucky native and Thoroughbred owner whose professional background as a member of the finance services industry inspired the creation of ThoroBid. “Through gigantic investments in broadband technology and increased storage capacity, we now have the computing power to analyze enormous amounts of data and metadata to help create and develop, along with our business partners, products and services to enhance the experience of a vibrant community of horse lovers, and, in turn, elevate an entire industry.”

ThoroBid’s technological development, infrastructure, architecture and maintenance are powered by BTA-Solutions LLC.

Participation in the ThoroBid community is free. Premium subscription-level services, which offer an advanced suite of analytics and communication tools, will be available for purchase starting on November 29, 2013.  The premium subscriptions will begin on January 1, 2014.

For more information about ThoroBid, please visit