The rise of premium equestrian wear – the hottest items this fall

Horse riding has never been cheap, but there are areas where one can save a bit of cash through thoughtful spending. But like everything in life, expensive riding clothes tend to be synonymous with quality and the market is full of interesting choices to make. Regardless of what level you ride at, high quality riding equipment makes a ton of difference.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a pair of new riding breeches or if you’re in the market for a new pair of boots, quality riding clothes can make a ton of difference.

Why should one spend extra money on quality riding clothes?

There is an old saying that was coined to point towards socio-economic injustices, but that quite clearly lays out the case for why buying quality is smart in the long term. In the now world famous “Boot theory” an injustice between the poor and the rich is laid out. A poor man who cannot afford to buy high quality boots will be forced to spend 10 dollars every year to replace his old pair. The man who can afford to pay 50 dollars upfront and then maintain his new boots will still have warm and dry feet 10 years from now.

This same line of thinking can then be applied when buying riding clothes. If you’ve ever ridden for a period of time with clothes of lesser quality you know how often they tend to become damaged or completely ruined after a couple of months. By buying high quality riding clothes you might have to spend more money upfront, but you often end up saving money in the long run.

Riding breeches

As we mentioned above in this text, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to riding breeches. This is one of the most important pieces of clothing for any rider as it’s the article of clothing that receives the most wear and tear through its lifespan. Riding breeches have come a long way both in quality and comfort in the last couple of years and most breeches now feel like wearing workout tights instead of thigh tubes to squeeze through. If you’re going to spend money on one thing in particular (outside of the helmet) riding breeches are the best option by far.

Riding boots

A pair of high quality riding boots can, just like in the Boot theory, be something that lasts for years. By taking good care of riding boots they often last several years without looking too much worse for wear than when they were purchased. Make sure to treat them as often as the products you’re using instruct you to. Regardless of whether you’re racing at the grand national or if you’re out for a longer stroll, boots are an essential part of any rider’s kit.

Riding pouches

One annoying thing about riding is that it can be very difficult to reach items during longer rides. A riding pouch made specifically to be used on horseback can therefore be a good addition to your kit during a long ride and is something that once you’ve tried it will be very difficult to live without.

Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash