NTRA Advantage Surpasses $1 Billion in Sales, Industry Savings Estimated at $180 Million and Counting

NTRA Advantage, the equine purchasing program available to member organizations, individuals and affiliates, has surpassed the billion-dollar threshold in sales, the NTRA announced today. Advantage sales have resulted in an estimated $180 million in savings to industry stakeholders and individual customers since the program’s inception on 2002.

The majority of sales over the past 17 years have been driven by founding Advantage partner John Deere. In addition to John Deere, other current Advantage partners include Office Depot, Red Brand Fences, Sherwin-Williams, Suncast and UPS.

Advantage is on pace to record 2019 calendar year sales of $59 million, the highest since the pre-recession year of 2007.

“The program has been a win-win-win,” said NTRA President and CEO Alex Waldrop. “It’s resulted in millions of dollars in savings for the equine industry, millions of dollars in sales for our corporate partners, and millions of dollars in outside investment to support the industry, including the NTRA.”

What began as a Thoroughbred industry only purchasing program has evolved into an Equine Benefits program that now represents more than one million members and numerous equine breeds, including Quarter Horses and Standardbreds, in addition to sport horses and pleasure horses. NTRA Advantage Equine Benefits program affiliates now include the American Quarter Horse Association AQHA), the United States Trotting Association (USTA), the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the United States Polo Association, Equine Canada, the American Horse Council, and dozens of state and local Equine organizations.

“Exceeding a billion dollars in sales is an incredible achievement made possible thanks to the support of the equine industry and our strong alliance with a number of top of the line brands,” said NTRA Senior Vice President Jeff Burch. “It also would not have been possible without the dedication of a talented sales team, past and present, and the support of hundreds of dealers around the country and in Canada.”

For information on how to participate in Advantage programs and savings, contact Advantage toll-free at 1-866-678-4289 or visit www.ntra.com/ntra-advantage/.

(from NTRA Advantage news release)