Lone Star Park Updates EHV-1 Policy

Lone Star Park
Lone Star Park

Lone Star Park has updated its policy regarding Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1). This policy update applies to horses shipping into the receiving barn only. There is no change to the current policy as it pertains to horses shipping into permanent barns.

Horses now coming to the receiving barn to either ‘Work & Go’ or ‘Race & Go’ will be required to have a health certificate issued within the past 7 days. Beginning next Monday, March 28 the health certificate requirement will expand to 14 days and then beginning on Monday, April 4 the health certificate requirement will expand to 30 days. These time frames for health certificates apply ONLY to horses using the receiving barn at this point. The vaccination requirement and the statements that are to be noted on the health certificates are still mandatory regardless of the time frame change.

“We are loosening some of our restrictions put in place during the recent EHV-1 outbreak,” said Bart Lang, Lone Star Park’s Director of Racing. “As we continually monitor the national quarantine updates and consult with the Texas Animal Health Commission for guidance. We still stress the importance of everyday biosecurity methods for all horsemen to continue to follow in order to avoid another outbreak.”

The Texas Animal Health Commission previously released the premises quarantine for Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) in El Paso County. There have been no other EVH-1 cases reported in the state.