Indiana Breeders Pack Hospital to Learn About Foaling and Reproduction Emergencies

Photo courtesy Indiana Horse Racing Commission

The Indiana Horse Racing Commission (IHRC) and Centaur Equine Specialty Hospital (CESH) were proud to host more than 65 horse racing breeders and owners for an information-packed afternoon on February 16 in Shelbyville, Ind. The veterinarians of CESH presented a seminar on foaling and reproduction emergencies to better prepare breeders for the already-busy foaling season.

Topics during the seminar included what to expect if your mare requires a Cesarean section, foaling complications, infertility issues due to reproductive tract injuries, postpartum management and rebreeding and foal conditions requiring surgical care. Attendees shared their experiences with foaling and asked questions related to their program. Afterwards, everyone was invited for a free tour of the revolutionary referral hospital, which will celebrate its first year later this spring.

“We are appreciative of the commission for coming to us to present this information to breeders,” says Dr. Timm Gudehus, senior veterinary surgeon at CESH. “Sharing this information now can save us many precious minutes when the owner calls and says his mare is having issues giving birth, which can help us save the mare and hopefully the foal.”

Dr. Gudehus was joined by Dr. Alec Davern and Dr. Javier Martinez.

Attendees ranged from Standardbred breeders based in Northern Indiana to Thoroughbred owners in Illinois interested in the Indiana program, as well as veterinary students from the Ohio State University and seasoned owners and breeders in Northern Kentucky.

“This was such an eye-opening seminar,” says Pam Coleman, a Standardbred breeder with Fair Meadow Farm. “We appreciate being offered the opportunity to come and learn how to be better breeders.”

The seminar was provided free of charge to those interested, and refreshments were provided by Equidone® Gel (domperidone). “We support any initiative to educate horse owners,” says Michele Butler, Equine Sales Manager for Dechra, makers of Equidone.

“We want to thank Equidone for their support, the owners for driving to Shelbyville for this seminar and, of course, the great veterinarians of the Centaur Equine Specialty Hospital for hosting and educating us today,” says Jessica Barnes, Director of Breed Development for the IHRC.

The seminar is a continuation in the IHRC’s commitment to help educate and improve the state’s breed development programs. The first seminars were held in 2017 focusing on marketing and advertising as well as basic broodmare health. The 2018 seminar series will soon be announced with a variety of topics open to all participants in the programs. The effort is a first of its kind amongst racing commissions in the country.

(from Indiana Horse Racing Commission news release)