Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners

People have been placing their bets on horse racing since time immemorial. Indeed, it is fun and profitable to start horse race betting. The process is not complicated. You just have to place your bet and buy your ticket. If you are feeling lucky for the day, take your ticket to the window and collect your winnings. Here are the things you need to know about betting in horse racing 

Putting a Wager on a Horse Race
First, state the name of the racetrack. Next, state what number you are betting. The same is true on bonus offers with casino reviews. Then, state the dollar unit of your bet. And then, determine the type of wager you wish to make. You also have to determine the number of horses or horses you are using. Finally, check your ticket before you leave the window.

Betting Tools Needed at the Horse Races
Apart from your umbrella and sunscreen, few items are very essential when you are at the racetrack placing bets on horses. First, you may want to have binoculars to see your favorite bet make it until the finish line. Apart from this, you may want to have useful betting tools in placing your bets.

Have the racetrack program which includes all the information of the players. In this case, you can identify all the jockeys, horses, owners, and trainers.

Have a copy of the Daily Racing Form or the DRF. This can provide the past performances of all the horses which are running on the scheduled program. It also includes informative articles that you can read.

If your off-track betting or racetrack has been covered by the local newspaper, then they will pay a handicapper which will include daily horse selections. This will cost around 50 cents.

Finally, you must have a handicapping tip sheet. These are the daily selections that have been published by handicappers at the racetrack. It cost around $2.

Show Parlay Bet
Are you with your circle of friends putting your bets on horses at the racetrack? One fun way to bet on the horse races which will make sure that everyone gets involved is through a show parlay.

Allow each person to ante up $5 and then you can pool the money. During the show, each person will select one horse and one race. Put the first bet and if you win, parlay the money on the succeeding race and horse. This will allow your winnings to add up quickly.

For example, if four-person begin with $20, and then each person will win a $3 show price. Thereafter, you can have $101 at the end of the four races.

Other Helpful Facts
Each racetrack has a commentator who handicaps during the races. Listen to the commentator and see if you can learn any good betting tips and bonus offers with casino reviews.

Remember that the top ten riders in the jockey standings can win 90% of the races run. It is also true that favorite horses win 33% of the time although they have low payoffs.