Heritage Place Thoroughbred Sale Records Across the Board Gains

Heritage Place concluded its sixth annual Thoroughbred Sale on Sunday, October 8, with large increases across the board for both sessions.

The yearling session saw a 19 percent increase to the average price on horses sold with an average of $6,047. The median price increased 15 percent over last year to $3,900. A total of 66 percent of those offered were marked sold, which is a 3 percent increase in the percentage of sold horses when compared to 2016.

The mixed session average was $2,667 and was up $1,184 per head over the same session last year.

The Thoroughbred sale finished with an overall average sales price of $5,137, which is an increase of $2,030 per head on horses sold compared to last year’s overall average of $3,107.

Heritage Place would like to say “Thank You” to the consignors and buyers for their participation in the sale and wish everyone much success on their purchases.

To view hip-by-hip results, click here.