Game-Changing ThorTurf Now Available with Equine Equipment Discount

Everyone in the equine industry knows that horses and dust go together. There’s just no way around it…any stable, arena, track or horse walker surface is going to kick up a lot of dust and be a hassle to maintain, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, thanks to ThorTurf.

Proudly produced in the USA in Sandusky, Ohio, ThorTurf is a truly 100% dust-fee equine surface that is better for both horses and humans. There’s plenty of science behind ThorTurf, as it uses proprietary Dust Lock Additive (DLA) technology with polymeric synthetic fibers to create a durable, high-performance surface that is perfect for a variety of disciples. It’s been gaining more traction recently on the racing side of the equine industry as it is a great choice for exercisers and breeding sheds.

Even if you don’t care about the science, the bottom line is that ThorTurf is safer, more durable and cleaner than any other synthetic footing on the market today.

Among the notable Kentucky farms that already use ThorTurf are Three Chimneys Farm, Godolphin’s Jonabell Farm, Walmac Farm and Dixiana Farm. Those farms have produced numerous Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup winners over the years, so they don’t trust their Thoroughbreds with just any surface. It’s even in use all over the world, with more than 2,000 tons going to the country of Qatar in the last two years.

Prior to its rising popularity at Thoroughbred breeding and racing farms, it gained wide acceptance in show horse arenas covering a variety of disciplines. ThorTurf is available as either fibered or nonfibered. The fibered version contains fiber to make it more compacted, and the nonfibered version is looser.

While the dust-free aspect of ThorTurf is the feature that many notice at first, it’s the long-term benefit of low maintenance and weather adaptability that makes for so many loyal clients. Once installed, ThorTurf remains stable no matter what Mother Nature throws at it, including heat, cold, snow and rain. A stable surface is a safe surface, and that’s of the utmost importance when you are dealing with horses.

ThorTurf also drains fast, is freeze resistant and requires no watering. We all know there’s nothing easy about being in the horse business, but Thorturf makes it as easy as possible with the only maintenance needed being to groom the surface on a regular basis. With ThorTurf, you can spend less time on surface maintenance and more time on your horses.

ThorTurf is a natural fit as part of the Equine Equipment program, which has been providing manufacturers discounts to the horse world for nearly 15 years. ThorTurf is a new partner in the program, but it is part of the FarmPaint family of products that have been available with Equine Equipment for many years.

“Equine Equipment has been a partner with us for several years, and they do an amazing job of promoting our products through advertising and also shows they do throughout the year,” said Lori Douglass, National Sales Manager for FarmPaint. “They then line us up with the leads that reach out to them.”

You really can’t put a price on the safety of your horses and the people who work with them, but when you go through Equine Equipment to get the ball rolling with ThorTurf, that price can be even more affordable.

“We are always looking for new ways to help horsemen save money,” said Steve Andersen, founder of Equine Equipment. “But we also strive to partner with companies that produce products that can make your equine business more efficient and successful, and ThorTurf definitely fits the bill. I’ve spoken to Thoroughbred farms that use ThorTurf, and they tell me it’s a winner.”

To learn more about ThorTurf, go to or call 877-441-3276. To find out more about the discounts available through Equine Equipment, go to or call 877-905-0004.