Epsom Derby Day Betting Guide

There’s a handful of horse races that are seen as being vastly superior to all others. This includes the Grand National, the Kentucky Derby and the many versions of the Gold Cup, which appear in all of the top horse racing festivals. Epsom Derby is another run which is estimated highly in the minds of horse racing fans, so it regularly features in a lot of punters’ horse tips.

It’s worth considering your own horse racing tips as far in advance as possible, as it’s a strong way of securing the best price and gives you clarity over what horses you’re rooting for. Sites like The Winners Enclosure help with those who wish to back their Epsom tips so early, as they provide their own Epsom Derby Day predictions, as well as insightful information on all the top races.

Epsom Derby Tips and Predictions

Unlike a lot of recommended bets for other major horse racing events, previous results hold out an indication that it’s harder to predict than some might expect. 2017’s favourite Cracksman ended up resulting third after starting the race with 7/2 odds and being favourite by some distance, then followed by the only two horses in contention who had odds of 5/1. Cracksman resulted third with one of the predicted runners-up finishing behind him in fourth, and the other finishing ahead of him in second.

As if it wasn’t already enough to see Cracksman tailing off quite significantly after originally being seen as a clear favourite to take a first-place finish, the winner of the Epsom Derby was an even bigger shock. Sat with a 40/1 starting price, Wings Of Eagles stunned onlookers by winning The Derby. It was a sign that this race isn’t all too easy to accurately predict, so punters should be warned of that when betting in future editions.

Cracksman’s inability to capitalise left him out of contention for the next entry into Epsom Derby Day but there’s more than enough likely nags to finish first. Odds usually range from just under evens all the way to around 50/1, so out of the predicted sixteen horses expected to run, there should be some tempting options to get behind. If the favourite looks reliable based on the statistics and form then it’s worth backing, but make sure you look at the facts and figures of every horse, as the favourite isn’t always the horse that wins – as proven best through 2017’s surprise 40/1 winner.