Carter Sales Co.’s OKC Yearling Sale adds session for 2-year-olds and horses of racing age

The Carter Sales Co.’s OKC Summer Yearling Sale is set for Monday, August 19, at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. The state’s premier sale for Thoroughbred yearlings has added a session for 2-year-olds and horses of racing age.

“Our sale always coordinates with opening weekend at Remington, so it is a perfect time to present 2-year-olds and older horses that are ready to race,” said Sale Manager Terri Carter.

Works for the 2-year-olds will be held at Remington and all horses in the sale will be radiographed and scoped.

“We start the weekend with racing opening on Friday and we usually get to see horses from the previous sale compete before the sale Monday afternoon,” added Carter. “It is a great way to start the Thoroughbred season.”

Entries for the sale are available at or by calling the office at (405) 288-6460.