A Guide to Arabic Horse Racing

When the flat season draws to a close, horse racing fans then begin to look at other countries where they can place a bet.  The United Arab Emirates have some fantastic races, course and jockeys there are.  If you haven’t yet placed a bet on Arabic horse racing, here are some reasons why you may want to give it a try.

It Takes Place During Winter

A great thing about betting on Arabic horse racing is that it’s available in winter season when there isn’t too much going on in the USA or Europe.  This means you can take part in betting action all year round without having to worry about long breaks.  You will find some operators also live stream the races, so you can watch them in action.

A Range of Betting Options

Much like when you bet on a horse on any other race – there are a range of betting options when it comes to Arabic horse racing too.  You can get fixed odds betting where you take the price that’s on offer, or else you can place starting price bets too.

You can Get Some Great Odds

One of the considerations when thinking about how to win in horse racing : “سباق الخيل بفرنسا “

is making the most of your bet.  Make sure you look for an operator that pushes out the best odds, you can shop around – you don’t need to go to the first bookmaker that pops up.  When you take a fixed-odds price and the odds get bigger, you will be lucky enough to get the bigger price if your horse wins.  Be aware, if you take fixed odds and the price gets smaller, you will get paid on the odds that you took when you placed your bet.

Ante-Post Betting

You will find that UAE races are often included in ante-post markets.  This means that you can get ready to place bets for races that won’t take place for weeks, or months.  You will tend to find as all of the runners won’t have been declared officially, that ante-post prices will be higher than what they would be on the day of the race.  You also need to bear in mind that if your horse doesn’t run – you won’t get a refund.

You will See Riders from all Over the World

Because the UAE races are so prolific – they attract jockeys from all over the world including the world.  You will see that some great jockeys are scheduled in for some of the main races – and you will also find that there may even be some familiar horses on the line-up.

Big Cash Prizes

Sometimes you will hear complaints when it comes to horse racing about the prizes at stake – but that’s not something you would need to worry about with Arabic horse racing.  People associate UAE with one of the wealthiest places in the world, and that is reflected in their horse racing prizes too.

Test it out First

Make sure if you are just starting out on your horse betting journey that you find an operator that has a generous welcome bonus.  This will give you more money to test out the waters and to get your bearings.  Having more money to play around with is never a bad thing.

Arabic horse racing can be an exciting prospect for online gamblers. With the huge amounts of prize money up for grabs alone, it is definitely worth trying out.