Will Horse Racing Ever Be The Same After Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic had its impact felt around the sporting world, with most sporting events being postponed or canceled in March. However, since May, we have seen the resumption of some sports, including one of America’s most beloved sports, Horse Racing. Although it may be back on our screens, the future of the sport is still unclear and uncertain.

How Covid-19 Impacted Horse Racing

Horse racing was one of the few sports not to be canceled entirely during Covid-19. Although iconic races such as Kentucky Derby were postponed till September 5th and the Preakness being delayed until October 3rd, some racetracks resumed racing after making mandatory changes to limit the spread of the virus. The most significant difference being the number of people allowed into the racetrack. This is not just the lack of fans but lack of people whose livelihoods are dependant on horse racing and its future, such as on-track bookmakers and hospitality businesses. With all this in mind, can we expect horse racing to return to normal anytime soon?

It is not easy to put an exact time on when horse racing will go back to normal. For this to happen, spectators would need to return to the stands, which does not look like a possibility in the next few months at least. As good as it is to have live horse racing back on television and via live streams at online sportsbooks, nothing will compare to the ear-deafening roar of the crowd as the horse’s race towards the finish line at the Kentucky Derby. Nonetheless, in comparison to the damage Covid-19 has done to other sports, we are lucky enough to have horse racing back at all.

Although we can’t say when horse racing will be back, we can get a good idea on how horse racing will look after Covid-19.

Mobile Betting Become The New Norm

Since lockdown was enforced, online racebooks have reported a surge in mobile horse racing bets, and this is a trend in which we feel will continue into 2021 and beyond. Online racebooks not only allow players to place bets on horse racing events around the world but also will enable them to jump into the action directly via their live streaming feature. If you are yet to jump on the mobile betting bandwagon, there are many leading racebooks in which you can opt for; we would personally recommend using what we believe is the best racebook TVG as they boast the best coverage of global horse racing events alongside offering their customers the best odds in the US.

Virtual Racing Soars In Popularity

Virtual horse racing allows bettors to place a wager on simulated horse races that take place every few minutes, 24 hours a day. This always-on aspect of virtual betting is already a massive allure because unlike real-life horse races, virtual horse races are always happening around the clock and are never canceled because of poor weather.

Due to the reduced number of races taking place in the real world, we see virtual racing becoming an excellent alternative for players looking to get their horse racing fix. Although this may be a temporary fix for the lack of horse racing, the 24/7 supply of races may be enough for virtual betting to maintain its popularity outside of Covid-19.