What Are The Most Common Horse Health Troubles?

Suffering from health illness is common for horses, just as for other animals. Some of the problems are common with the increasing age and few develop at an early age. Therefore in both cases, you cannot avoid horse health. Taking preventive measures on time is essential for the long and stress-free life of your favorite horse. So, let’s learn about some common troubles and how to deal with them to maintain the good health of your horse.

Reducing Weight Issue

Weight loss is a common issue and is found in all aged horses. Some of the common reasons for this decreasing weight are giving a poor quality feed, limited food supply, decreased social interactions, or various other health diseases. These factors need to be closely monitored by experts. As you must check food quality before offering, consider the quality too. You can also take assistance from a vet to know more about food quality and health diseases such as Gastric Ulcers, Equine Infectious Anemia, liver or kidney disease.

Cribbing Problems

Cribbing falls under the dental problem of horses. This issue is mainly found in the younger horses than aged. A horse when  cribbing found grabbing its upper teeth with a fence or other objects and pulling against the force. Once this habit developed in horses can be hard to leave even in later life. Therefore, it is advisable to choose horse cribbing CBD oil for easy and early recovery. The best part is that it is a natural remedy and does not harm your horse. With the intake of cbd products, try to improve the social interaction of your horse faster leaving this bad habit.

Chronic Pain

Pains in horses is a wider concept to learn. Therefore, it is divided into three major categories: superficial structures,  the musculoskeletal system, or visceral tissues. Superficial structures pain is related to skin, musculoskeletal involves muscle, tendon, bone and visceral is for intestines. Any of these pain can affect your horse’s health and deteriorate performance. So, if you want to go with a natural way to treat your horse, you can choose cbd oil or cbd products as an effective means to treat a horse at home. Otherwise, take an expert’s guidance and know the real cause of chronic pain. There are also some supplements available on the market, read carefully their ingredients and purpose for usage to avoid side effects.

Eye issues

Mainly, aged horses are found to experience eye troubles. But, this is not a matter of big concern, because it will not turn into eye blindness. Some horses may experience a mild case of cataracts only to a portion of lens opacity. So, don’t worry, fix an appointment with the vet for signs of vision problems. Just follow the prescription and precautions carefully.

Bottom Line

Caring for your ill horse is rewarding. Therefore, always pay attention to changing behavior and find reasons. Treat well your horse with natural remedies more to avoid the side effects of prescribed medications. With these, spend as much as possible time with your friend and improve his social circle. Offer him healthy food, lots of fresh water, and play in sunlight.