The Worlds Biggest Horse Racing Markets

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Horse racing is one of the most popular and one of the most bet sports in the world – with a big shift to online platforms like amongst many others it has also become more accessible than ever before too. There are countries around the world that have typically had a bigger representation for racing as the UK and Ireland in particular have long been well-known as some of the largest racing scenes, but there are other options out there too as different horse-racing markets have started to emerge, or even grow bigger than some had previously thought.

USA – This one certainly won’t come as a surprise as horse racing in the US has become extremely popular over the past two decades and hosts some of the biggest races in the yearly calendar too with big derby’s and other cups too. Horses trained in the US have an international reputation too as  trainers take them on the road to compete in the biggest events around the world putting US based horse racing on the map – and with recent changes to legislation and new bills being introduced, it also means that betting on horse races in the US is becoming much easier which will only increase the size of the horse-racing fandom too.

Japan – An unexpected one for some as a region that may fly under the radar, particularly as gambling in Japan as a whole remains illegal but there is a special exception for horse-racing amongst a few other options too. The betting market in Japan is actually the biggest in the world with over 21,000 official horse races taking place every year, and although it isn’t a region well known for training and producing good racehorses, it’ll certainly be the envy of countries hoping to catch up to the huge market that pulls in a large number of bets year after year.

Australia – This may be a more familiar market to some, and not so much to others, but horse racing in Australia has certainly been taking off too. It had formerly been the home to the richest turf racing event in the world with The Everest before being overtaken and has been home to some of the most successful horses to have raced too as Australia becomes more well known for the horses it trains. Whilst not comparable in size to the US or Japan just yet, it is quickly closing ground, and if it’s able to put up similar events to The Everest in the future with big paydays and continues to produce the successful horses as it has in the past, then it’s almost certain that Australia can quickly become of the biggest.