The Three Most Popular Horse Races in the USA

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to mankind. Although the form that we know today isn’t exactly the format that has been predominant since the beginning, various types of horse races have taken place throughout history, as research has shown.

The three most popular countries where horse racing is very popular are the UK, the USA, and Australia. We wanted to take a closer look at the American horse racing events and share a short list of some of the most popular and most rewarding horse races. We are also going to take a look at how influential this sport really is.

Influence Over Other Industries

Although all of us know how big of an influence horse racing has over the betting industry, you may have not known that it also has a big influence over the online casino industry. As you noticed, fans of horse racing are also willing to wager their money on various games. Research has shown that they are more than willing to try casino games, most notably slots. They are cheap, simple to play and offer tremendous jackpots for some lucky winners.

Game providers are aware of this fact which is why they supply online casinos with horse racing-themed slots. Casino sites like are filled with games of this type and you can find all of your favorite horses, races, and festivals as main themes. The idea is to make players feel more comfortable and experience something unique.

Belmont Stakes

As a Grade I stakes race, Belmont Stakes was inaugurated in 1867 and it is one of the oldest horse races in the USA. Thoroughbreds race over a one-and-a-half-mile track (12 furlongs) and this is one of the top-attended events when it comes to Thoroughbred races. The prize purse is $1 million and the most successful jockeys on this track are Jim McLaughlin and Eddie Arcaro with 6 wins each, while the most successful trainer is James G. Rowe Sr. (8 wins).

Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup is a series of races operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited that switches locations annually. Since its inception, all of the events have taken place in the US, except for 1996 when the race took place at the Woodbine Racetrack in Canada. The Cup is known for its great prize purses that vary between $1-$6 million, as well as for some bizarre moments with the fans. The first event took place in 1984 and since then, the Breeders’ Cup rose as one of the most popular horse events not just in the USA, but the world.

Kentucky Derby

Held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby is probably the most popular horse race in the world. This race is the finale in the Kentucky Derby Festival and it takes place on the first Saturday of May. Thoroughbreds race on a 10 furlongs long track and compete for a total prize purse of $3 million. Half of those go to the winner, so you can imagine how big the competition is at this race.