The Best Horse Breeds in the State of Louisiana

North America is home to many breeds of horses, today there are approximately 9.2 million horses in the country. Horses are certainly well-loved animals in the US; they are used for working in different ways, kept as pets and take part in sports. Besides the domestic variety, there are still wild horses in some parts.

Looking at the state of Louisiana in particular, the Cajun Country has produced its fair share of magnificent horses, particularly racehorses. This state has a documented horse population of 164,305; 3.8 horses per square mile, and 27.5 people per horse ratio. These statistics are above average and prove Louisiana to be flush with equestrian activity. Horses categorized by activities include racing (13%), showing (36%), recreation (36%), and “other” (15%). Only a select few of the horse population are chosen to be racers. The sport is extremely elite and only the best and brightest make the cut. Many attend derbies to watch these majestic creatures battle each other as onlookers attempt to weigh the horse racing odds.

This is a list comprised of a select few of the finest breeds Louisiana has to offer.

Paint Stallion

The American Paint Horse is considered valuable due to its pretty colours and markings, but it is not only a considered a favourite due to its pretty appearance. It is a favourite also because of its rare temperament and intelligence. These horses have long been used in competitions as a show horse.

These horses come in varied colours, including, bay, chestnut brown, black, gray, to name a few. As well as these colourings, they possess distinctive white markings. These marks vary in size while the patterns are pretty standard.

The American Paint Horse is known for its amiability, this nature coupled with its intelligence makes this horse a pleasure to train for competitions and performances. And not to mention, a well-suited companion outside of the ring as well.


This breed is categorized as a warmblood horse with origins in Germany. The Hanoverian is often seen taking part in the Olympics as well as other competitive riding contests and is recorded to have won gold medals in the 3 equestrian Olympic competitions. The Hanoverian is one of the oldest, largest populations, and dubbed the most successful warm blood. This breed was originally used mostly as a carriage horse, and then with the mixing in of Thoroughbreds, this made the horse more agile and better suited for competition. The Hanoverian is known to have a good temperament, is athletic, known for its beauty, and not to mention grace. The chestnut, black, and gray horses of this breed are the most common.

Fjord Stallion

Also known as the Norwegian Fjord horse, these are one of the purest and oldest breeds of horses. Cave paintings of horses painted thousands of years ago exhibit striking resemblances to this breed.

Research has led us to believe that the Fjord originates from Norway, where it was tamed, by Vikings if you can believe it. These horses are gentle and obedient, making them easy to work with trainers, owners and riders of all levels.

Most Fjord horses are brown, a remaining few are found to be gold, red dun, grey, etc.  This breed is relatively small, still strong as they hail from mountainous regions. This horse combines strength, adaptability, not to mention a charming, calm temperament. All combined into a small package.

The Fjord is known to be the perfect horse for families, due to its gentle and quiet nature that is well suited for children. Coupled with the power and ability that would suit an experienced owner, these features explain its popularity in riding schools.

These are merely a small few of the many magnificent breeds of horses you can find around the world today. Horses are such majestic creatures that have been companions to man for centuries. Due to the breeding of different kinds, today there are so many varieties of horses with their own temperaments and features that make them unique. The different breeds and their respective characteristics make them suited to different avenues and this makes each of them great in their own way.