TTA Responds to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Regarding Historical Racing

Texas Thoroughbred Association

Texas Thoroughbred AssociationThe Texas Thoroughbred Association, which represents 1,100 Thoroughbred racehorse owners and breeders in the state, has issued a statement in the form of a letter to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick regarding historical racing.

“I want to express deep disappointment with your stance as evidenced in your letter (and press release) of December 1, 2015 addressed to Texas Racing Commission Chairman Dr. Robert Schmidt, encouraging him to hold yet another vote on the historic horse racing rules at their next meeting, and repeal the rules that were adopted after a lengthy, transparent and inclusive process,” said TTA Executive Director Mary Ruyle in the letter.

“As acknowledged in your November 4, 2015 letter to industry representatives, the matter of historical racing remains pending before the Third Court of Appeals. Due process under the law is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. By your most recent press release, it appears that you may wish to disregard the right of Texans to due process through the court system,” the letter continued.

The November 4 letter from Patrick to the racetracks and horsemen in the state asked for “recommendations on how we can help preserve and grow your industry.” The TTA formally requested a meeting with Patrick to provide him with information on that topic, but to date that request has gone unanswered. The TTA has again requested a meeting with Patrick and respectfully requested that full funding be provided to the Texas Racing Commission while the matter of historical racing is resolved by the courts. The withholding of funds for the TRC has already damaged the racing and breeding industry in Texas, and the current 90-day extension of funding has only delayed the uncertainty facing horsemen.

The December 3 and November 16 letters from the Texas Thoroughbred Association, along with the November 4 letter from Patrick are available at