Special Owners’ Groom Elite Workshop Set for Lexington, Trainers’ Exam Prep for Oklahoma

Registration is now open for a Special Owners’ Groom Elite Workshop in Lexington, KY on July 29-August 1 and the 5th annual Remington Park Trainers’ Exam Prep class on August 13-15 in Oklahoma City. Interested participants are encouraged to sign up early at www.purplepowerracing.com or www.groomelite.com as spots are limited to 8 and 12 participants respectively.

Both classes will be presented by Dr. C. Reid “Mac” McLellan, well known award winning national instructor of Groom Elite classes around the country and former licensed racehorse trainer with over 50 years’ experience with horses and teach about horses.

The Owners Groom Elite Workshop is being conducted by special request and is limited to 8 participants. Only three spots remain as of June 25th. Tuition is $399. This intensive workshop will start with a 3-hour discussion of horse behavior and handling on Sunday evening. Monday and Tuesday will be full days (8 AM to 2 or 3PM) of lecture and hands on practice and program wraps with a closing ½ day on Wednesday. In addition to the popular behavior discussion, Dr Mac will cover, in condensed form, Groom Elite 099 and 101 materials including Feeding, Health check, leg anatomy, leg exam, tacking and bandaging. Participants will have opportunity to practice each of the grooming procedures covered.

McLellan’s Trainers’ Exam Prep class is three days of concentrated study of the Rules of Racing with specific emphasis on day to day rules of which trainers must be aware. Day one is devoted to items covered on barn test including terminology, horse handling, tacking (with racing tack) and bandaging plus basic racing terminology. Days two and three focus on administrative rules that govern horse racing including Trainer Responsibility, Duties of Racing Officials, Responsibilities of Licensees, Jockeys & Jockey Agents, Medication, Claiming, Racetrack Protocol, Entering with Correct Weight and more.

You don’t have to be planning on taking a Trainers’ Licensing Exam to take this class. In addition to prospective trainers, owners, jockeys and handicappers have participated to learn more about the rules of racing.

For more information or to register, go to www.purplepowerracing.com or www.groomelite.com. Or call Dr. “Mac” at 859-321-4377 and sign up over the phone.