Remington Park Season to Celebrate Retiring Jockey Cliff Berry

Cliff Berry (Photo by Dustin Orona Photography)
Cliff Berry (Photo by Dustin Orona Photography)

The 2015 Remington Park Thoroughbred Season begins August 14 and continues through December 13. The 67-date session will include a season-long celebration in honor of retiring jockey Cliff Berry.

Berry, 52, of Jones, Okla., has determined this Remington Park season will be his final in the saddle. The all-time leading Thoroughbred rider here with 2,078 victories, Berry will put the finish on a career that has included over 4,400 wins and approaching nearly $66 million in mount earnings.

In honor of his career and his accomplishments at Remington Park, the Oklahoma City venue will present “A Berry Special Season,” celebrating Berry’s final months of race-riding with promotions to engage fans throughout the meeting. The salute to Berry will also include “Cliff Berry Night” on Saturday, Dec. 12.

The season-long promotion will engage racing guests with the success Berry has during the races. Basically, when Berry wins, guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy victory, usually with cash prizes. The promotion will change slightly as the months of the “Berry Special Season” calendar move along.

August: “A Berry Big Opening.” Guests enter a drawing as they enter Remington Park. When Berry wins a race, a guest’s name will be drawn and they will win $100.

September: “A Berry Big September.” Guests will receive one entry into a month-long drawing with every Berry race win. Guests will go to Club Remington to receive their entry. The grand prize drawing will take place Wednesday, Sept. 30 with the winner receiving $2,000!

October: “Berry Rich Colors.” Enjoy the autumn splendor and win as Berry wins, aboard horses of various color. When Berry wins on a gray horse, a guest will win $200; chestnut horse, $150; dark bay or brown, $100. A horse of any other color than these three examples will be worth $500. Guests will enter the “Berry Rich Colors” drawing upon entering nightly with a drawing held in the winner’s circle after every Berry triumph.

November: “Berry Special Saturdays.” Guests will earn an entry through Club Remington for every Berry win during the week. On Saturdays, Nov. 7, 14 and 21, a guest will be drawn and will win $500. The final Saturday of the month, Nov. 28, the prize increases to $1,000!

December: “Pick A Berry.” Guests enter a drawing nightly upon their entrance. Win Berry wins a race, a drawing will be held to select a guest who will make a choice of a ‘Berry’ off the Coors Light Superscreen. Cash prizes are hidden the ‘Berry’ emblems on the screen.

Race dates where Berry wins multiple races will include prizes for all guests on hand. The prize-winning begins on nights once Berry has posted his third win on the program.

Remington Park racing will normally begin at 7pm nightly. Select race dates will start at 1:30pm. All Times Central. After Opening Weekend, the regular weekly schedule of racing will run Wednesday thru Saturday.