New Year Thoroughbreds

By Michael Fenrich
Every January 1 Thoroughbreds celebrate a birthday. Horses are foaled or born on different dates, but to recognize their racing age they turn a year older on January 1.
The two-year-olds turn three, as they train and run toward the Kentucky Derby. Last year in 2020, the Triple Crown was reorganized and ran on different dates due to the pandemic. Usually the Triple Crown is in early May, mid-May and early June. It is the Kentucky Derby first, Preakness second and Belmont third. With the pandemic, the Belmont was first in June, Kentucky Derby second in September and the Preakness third in October. In 2021, the Triple Crown will be run in the traditional format: May 1 Kentucky Derby, May 15 Preakness and June 5 Belmont.
All Thoroughbreds who ran in 2020 during the pandemic gave everyone hope as they competed each day and the equine athlete made things majestic during the difficult times.
On January 1, 2021 when the Thoroughbreds celebrated their racing age birthday, there will be new hope and a new year as they will run towards the Triple Crown and other prestigious races.
Many are grateful that the horses ran in 2020, and 2021 will bring more gratitude in the sport of horse racing.