Is It Legal to Bet on Horses Online in the US?

Horse racing events are beloved by millions of fans worldwide. Horse races have been historically considered the entertainment of monarchs. Members of the royal families currently continue this tradition in 2020. For instance, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a big fan of riding horses despite her not-so-young age (94 years old).

Fortunately, in the 21st century, we don’t have to be royals to enjoy horse races. Horse tourneys are of colossal demand among US residents. Though, not all states show equal solidarity to the legalization of pony wagering in 2020, despite the Supreme Court decision to legalize sports betting in general.

Historic facts to know

It won’t be an exaggeration to note that the history of horse racing wagering in America had to overcome plenty of roadblocks within the years.  Even the introduction of the corresponding Interstate Act in 1978 didn’t make things easier for bookmakers in different vicinities.

The initial Act allowed pony wagers within certain state borders on the condition that regulating bodies of one state would not interfere with bookmakers operating in another state. The initiative aimed to protect bettors’ interests at first hand. Then, authorities had to add several adjustments to the Act, i.e., they allowed bookmakers from one vicinity to accept wagers on events that run in another state.

Following a temporary lull, the Congress had to adjust the Act again in 2000. The new changes related to the legitimization of online betting on pony events, following the rise of the Internet and humans’ demand on online wagers. The online sportsbooks outnumbered offline bookmakers due to their accessibility and more diverse wagering options. The current Act allows online pony wagers, though not all 50 states can equally enjoy this benefit.

Where it is legal to bet on horses in the US

Pony wagers are legal in over 30 states nationwide. The primary regulations that bookmakers need to obey involve: getting a license from authorized bodies, paying fees to the state treasury, and observing the customers’ rights established by the Act.

Online wagering on horse races is currently legal in California, Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, Florida, and 20+ other US states. In contrast, in such brother-states as Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and several others, pony wagers are under a ban. Skeptics may be surprised to see Nevada on the banned list. They consider it weird for the state, known as a motherland of gambling and entertainment far beyond the US borders, to also fall under the ban.

Best horse races in America

American folk’s love of horse riding has ancient roots. Of course, now they don’t live in tribes or use horses as the sole means of transportation. Still, humans didn’t stop admiring these gorgeous and regal animals less than their ancestors. Nowadays, horse racing competitions attract thousands of spectators. In America, many eminent races capture the attention of both locals and tourists.

Largest US horse races:

  • Royal Ascot Festival
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Breeders Cup
  • Grand National
  • Pacific Classic

How to find trusted sportsbooks for US pony wagers

Despite an impressive demand for pony wagers in the USA, casual punters often complain that it can be tough to find bookmakers that offer reasonable conditions without the eternity-lasting payouts. The lion’s share of bookies either has imperfect markets or offers draconian wagering requirements to bettors.

Experts from WorldBookmakers suggest placing pony wagers solely on the reputable platforms without a previous lousy history of unresolved disputes and customers’ claims. Their analysts set up a guide to check whether a sportsbook is worth wasting punters’ time and cash:

  • License check: It is the integral aspect that distinguishes reliable sportsbooks from scammers. When you place pony wagers on licensed platforms, you safeguard yourself from possible issues with withdrawing your winning afterward. Reputable operators don’t cheat on their customers to avoid trouble with the US strict laws.
  • Flexibility of bet types: Diversity of bet types in horse racing can beat any other sport by number. Punters can place traditional bets (like a horse to finish first/last) along with more complex bets, like Trifecta (guessing a third horse to win a race), Quinella (guessing two horses to get the first and second prize), Exacta (predicting the exact order of several horses to finish a race), etc.
  • In-play solutions: Horse racing events won’t be as spectacular and beloved among US punters without in-play wagers. Though most pony bettors usually have their favorites and bet on a particular horse in advance, experienced punters know that many unpredicted things may happen amid the ongoing tourney. Thus, in-play wagering solutions will be a good backup.
  • Loyalty program: Top-tier sportsbooks don’t forget to reward their loyal audience with pleasurable perks. Large-scale companies may boast of excellent loyalty programs for their regular clients: bonuses & points, cashback, free bets, virtual and money prizes, etc. Some bookmakers hold monthly tournaments on their channels and present the lucky winners with tickets to prominent horse racing competitions.

Best online bookmakers that accept pony wagers in US

The following online sportsbooks offer good diversity of options for pony wagers along with generous bonuses, lavish odds, and reasonable withdrawal limits:

  • BetAmerica
  • Bovada
  • 888sport
  • Unibet
  • XpressBet
  • Bet365

Summing up

Horse races differ from any other sports by one paramount peculiarity – they do not focus on the human participants, but on the regal and gorgeous creatures. The human-animal interaction makes horse racing events so highly-demanded and spectacular among both casual fans and sports bettors. Though US authorities haven’t set up the equal rules for punters from different states yet, this fact doesn’t diminish people’s demand for pony wagers. Many reliable and proven online platforms currently allow US bettors to wager on horse events and enjoy the live format races. Nothing can beat that moment of thrill when your horse outruns others and wins the race.