Horse Racing Betting Tips For Beginners

Horse racing can be a very exciting sport for the neutrals, that is, people who have not put their money on any horses. However, we can not always say the same for those who have their money on the line. Every leap of their horse will be met with hearty cheers, loud sighs, or bated breath depending on the horse’s position on the race track. 

But if you’re looking to get your first taste of horse racing betting, you’ll need to get down to the basics. This is because horse racing is a very unpredictable sport. Every once in a while, you’ll find a horse that rips through the form books and causes massive staking losses. So before you make the leap to staking your first bet, you’ll have to do some serious homework. 

Whether you’re playing on horse racing betting sites, in casinos, or bookmaking shop outlets, the rules are pretty much the same, or very nearly so. We discuss some tips that can help you make informed decisions so you don’t back the wrong horse.

Don’t Always Bet On The Favorite.

Extensive racing result data has shown that the favorite horse lives up to its top billing only 30% of the time. While this may look like a decent statistics, take a second to imagine what happens to the other 70%.

So while it is always safe to go with the safest bet, the volatile nature of horse racing has proven that safety does not always translate to success.

Start Small

So you’re trying out your hands-on horse racing, you’ll want to take things slow so you don’t run into a big loss. You can start by staking with your spare change and build up steadily in your staking power.

Draft A Staking Budget

By drawing up a budget and sticking to its provisions, you can take firm control of your staking power. You can set a cap on your staking fund, and it can help you tread with increased caution while betting on your horse. It is not enough to draft a budget. Are you disciplined enough to abide by the dictates of your budget? If you’re not, you’ll be setting yourself up for a massive fail.

Steer Clear Of Parlays

Parlays are an accumulation of several bets on a single race. You can make projections on multiple horse positions, which is a tall order for the uninitiated. So unless you’ve had a pretty good run in the game, stick to one stake at a time. 

Get Familiar With Your Horses

By studying the horses on the roster, you can determine which of them is more likely to make a podium finish. While a form guide can always come in handy, there is massive value in seeing things for yourself. You’ll get to see the racing patterns and styles of each horse.

Get Familiar With The Surface

The texture of the racing surface plays a role in determining how fast your horse can run. Fleet-footed horses will hit top speeds in dry or firm courses. Likewise, horses that hit the ground hard will most likely be more comfortable on softer grounds. 

Get Familiar With The Trainers

The best athletes have always sided with the best of coaches or something like that. This notion applies to horse racing too, and history has shown that trainers are integral to the performance of racing horses, especially on some particular racecourses. 

Get Familiar With The Jockey

Statistics from previous racing encounters should preferably inform your choice of jockey. Just as with trainers, some jockeys seem to favor particular race tracks. By looking up their race history and reviewing their performance statistics, you can predict your chances of winning with a greater degree of accuracy.