Equine Sales Company Expects Robust Catalog for Consignor Select Yearling Sale

Equine Sales Company has announced that it has surpassed the 230 mark for entries to its Consignor Select Yearling Sale. Set to be held September 3 at Equine Sales Company’s pavilion in Opelousas, Louisiana, the auction will be the largest select sale in the company’s short but successful history.

“We’re very excited with the sire power for this sale with over 100 different stallions being offered,” said Sales Director Foster Bridewell. “The huge success of our recent 2-Year-Olds in Training Sale held in April has really made our job easy with the great feedback and extremely positive remarks from consignors and buyers.”

Last year’s Consignor Select Yearling Sale, with a total of 174 consignments, featured a $140,000 sale-topper and impressive gains over the first Equine Sales Company yearling auction with a 55.6% jump in average to $12,987 and a 114% gain in median to $9,000. The buy-back rate at last year’s yearling auction was just 18%.

“The interest we’re receiving from breeders, owners and consignors across the south is a tremendous credit to our industry as a whole,” added Gary Johnson, Equine Sales Board Chairman. “These strong consignments, as well as the powerful and positive owner and buyer comments, really define our commitment to making Equine Sales Company the place where real consignors connect with real buyers.”

The sale company also announced that consignments are now being accepted for the Open Yearling and Mixed Sale to be held on October 26.

For more information, contact Equine Sales Company at (337) 678-3024 or go to equinesalesofla.com.