Bonkers Bingo World Records

Whether you get your Bingo fix on your favourite casino betting website, or you prefer to take yourself down to your local hall, we bet you never knew that the game has a rich history when it comes to world records. Popular with all walks of life, it’s no wonder that there are people out there who have found new and inventive ways to enjoy the classic game.

The largest Bingo Card

In 2014, Gala Bingo set a world record during their annual ball, creating the largest Bingo card ever to exist! This gigantic ticket measured a staggering 4.98 x 1.99m, and they even roped in the help of a reality television star, in order to drum up a little attention. The event was well received and raised a great deal of money for charity, as well as giving all those involved a good old game of Bingo!

The largest brick-and-mortar game of Bingo

Usually Bingo is only played by a handful of people at a time, but this record certainly goes against the grain! In 2006, a large South American retailer set about getting the world record for the most people playing Bingo at one time – doing just that, with 70,080 players in attendance. This record remains unbroken to this day, having also dished out multiple big cash prizes!

The largest online Bingo game

Playing online opens up the game to accommodate even more players, as there’s no requirement for physical space. With this, a new world record was made by Coca-Cola in Tokyo, Japan, back in 2010. The game hosted 493,824 players, and most likely led to quite a turbulent game of Bingo!

The largest jackpot sum won in a game of Bingo

When you log on to play your favourite game, or settle down in your local Bingo hall, your eventual payout can vary greatly. However, some games will offer up as much as five figures. In 2008, the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot paid out a whopping £1,167,795 to one lucky winner named Soraya Lowell. When Lowell set foot in The Club 3000 in Coatbridge, Scotland, we bet she had no clue that she’d be leaving the establishment as a millionaire!

The highest game of Bingo

Now, this one takes world record to a whole new level. You’re probably used to playing Bingo either online in the comfort of her own home, or down at your favourite brick-and-mortar location, but what about shuffle those numbers at the top of a mountain? In 2009, 24 Gala Coral employees took it upon themselves to trek up to Mount Everest’s base camp and set up a modest game of Bingo between them. This took place at an altitude of 17,500 feet above sea level – most definitely setting the world record for the highest up game of Bingo that has ever been played! You’d have to go pretty far to beat this one.

The fastest ever game of Bingo

Just a year later, in 2010, we saw a new record set on a popular UK betting site. Darryl Howe made an account and within just 40 minutes, he was the happy recipient of £18,000 – having gained a fifteen-number full house within just 23 number calls. The odds of that happening are 93 billion to one!