A Brief Guide to First Time Horse Owners

“We have almost forgotten how strange a thing it is that so huge and powerful and intelligent an animal as a horse should allow another, and far more feeble animal, to ride upon its back.” — Peter Gray

The experience of buying a horse is no less than welcoming a baby into your family. Those who are in love with animals can relate to this feeling the most. Many may consider buying a horse is a common affair until they get to experience it.

Buying a horse is a detailed process involving a series of factors to consider. From the breed to the detailed check-up, there are many aspects to see and then decide. It may sound like a challenging part for a newbie horse owner, but once you get into the horses’ zone and the world, there is no looking back.

If you have made your mind to bring home a powerful and intelligent animal like a horse, keep a note of these factors and kick-start your horse owner’s journey on a positive note. There may be many obstacles, but your bond with your horse would be a surreal experience to cherish for the lifetime.

Be excited but stay calm – Undoubtedly, getting a horse in your family is an overwhelming experience. But that does not mean you will rush into any breed or horse type without pondering over it. Seek the advice of a professional and then go for the next step. Rather than running after a pretty-looking horse, consider the other factors too.

Invest time, energy and money in the riding lessons – Now, when you will get a horse at your place, you won’t be handing it over to anyone else to take you on a ride, right? So, learn all the possible horse training tips and tricks to manage your horse like a pro. This would include everything from learning their language to body gestures. You can get to see several horse training courses online to join and enrich your knowledge about horse riding.

Tip – If you are buying a well-trained horse, it would be easier for you to practice your learned tactics well.

Ride with a professional first – We know there is always a first time to everything and completely understand your excitement to ride your horse like a prince charming. But wait! Do not ever ride a horse alone. This can save you from meeting unexpected accidents. Get used to handling the horse in real life with a professional who can manage the horse’s unfavorable mood swings on your first-ever ride.

Learn about the horse’s history – Ask every possible question about the horse you are about to purchase. Some random questions to ask are – what is the breed? Where is the horse from? Do I need registration papers for the horse? Etc.

The last line –

Horse ownership is a unique and beautiful experience in itself. From learning the ins and outs of a new life, you just welcomed in your human world to understand horses’ right handling; there are a lot of new experiences waiting for you.