Selling the Game

sellingthegame200Selling the Game is a series of articles in American Racehorse magazine about the excitement of Thoroughbred racehorse ownership and how to attract new owners, by Fred Taylor Jr. He is the founder and managing partner of Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings LLC, which operates Mojo Racing Partners offering affordable opportunities for newcomers and veterans to become involved in Thoroughbred ownership. Taylor serves as a liaison to the Department of Transportation for a major airline and is a former recipient of the Texas Thoroughbred Association’s Allen Bogan Memorial Award for member of the year.

Below are links to the six individual articles and the entire series as one file.

Part 1: Pure Competition

Part 2: The Underlying Elements of a Memorable Ownership Experience

Part 3: Types of Ownership and Costs

Part 4: Understanding the Training Stages, Types of Races and Entry Process

Part 5: Achieving Your Dream by Having a Plan, Setting Goals and Keeping a Budget

Part 6: Hiring a Trainer and Acquiring Bloodstock

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American Racehorse and Fred Taylor Jr. are pleased to grant permission for this content to be reproduced or redistributed by anyone or any organization seeking to educate or attract new owners to Thoroughbred racing.