How This Natural Plant Can Help Horses

Hemp has been used to treat medical conditions for hundreds of years. In ancient Indian medical books, it is described as one of the most sacred plants on the earth. In the last century, it became a topic of controversies and was banned in many countries. But in the last few decades, several countries have sought to legalize it by acknowledging its benefits. It has more than a hundred compounds known as cannabinoids. THC is one of them which causes psychoactive effects. On the other hand, CBD is the one that provides medicinal benefits. It should be noted that CBD is legal under United States federal law. It is also surprising affordable, and you may even be to save even more money by using a CBDistillery coupon to get an extra discount on the product of your choice. It is available in many forms such as oil, gummies, edibles, ice cream, and available in vape juices which you can get from Just like human beings, it can also be used for horses.

But CBD oils for horses are produced in different ways, just like products for humans. CO2 extraction is widespread. The shredded and heated plant components are mixed together with compressed carbon dioxide in a technically sophisticated device. It is a complex but gentle process where the valuable ingredients are retained. Innovet Pet can be a very trustworthy option in this case.

Effects: How It Helps Horses

The positive effects of CBD on horses are continuously examined and documented. Thus, prejudices can be removed. At this point, it should be said again that CBD is completely legal for horses and has nothing to do with marijuana and cannabis, which have a psychoactive effect and lead to intoxication. Research on CBD is currently still primarily focused on humans, but this can also be used to derive interesting information for the horse.

Basically, horses take CBD oil just like humans. It is particularly easy to order CBD for horses in the form of oil or pellets. The horse then takes in the CBD together with the feed: after swallowing, the CBD oil gets into the stomach, where it gets into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane. Just like humans, horses have an endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids control many important processes in the body and its deficiency leads to chronic pain, diseases, and a weak immune system. CBD oil docks onto the system’s receptors and help to eliminate deficiency states. This is one of the reasons why CBD can be used for horses with very different symptoms.

How to Apply and Use CBD on Horses?

CBD use can have effects on sleep and stress symptoms as positive when used on horses and other animals. It is also known that CBD is a good natural anti-inflammatory. If a horse is initially rigid when riding then this can be due to swollen joints or osteoarthritis. Horses with osteoarthritis benefit from CBD because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. CBD has also proven itself for horses that repeatedly suffer from fecal water and diarrhea or are prone to colic. Horses are stressed by any change. Regardless of whether it’s about changing stables or the upcoming tournament season, with a CBD cure the animals regain their inner balance. CBD can also help with general restlessness and chronic stress.

Dosage Tips

As with any supplement for horses, the question of the right dosage also arises with CBD. There are various options to choose from. Most horses like to eat CBD pellets. It is important to pay attention to the actual CBD content since the small pressed feed also contains other ingredients. CBD oil is easy to dose. The owner can slowly approach the right amount for the animal. For mild pain and restlessness, 0.25 CBD per pound of bodyweight is sufficient.

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